The Royal Archives, Museum and Information Centre, usually referred to as Royal Archives and Museum (RAM) is a legal custodian of the royal history and heritage in Lesotho. It is a registered non-governmental organization (Reg.No.2008/83) which was established in March 2008 by the Royal family and is administered on its behalf by professionals. The home of the Royal Archives and Museum is the old office of the Paramount Chiefs: Queen Regent Mantṧebo Seeiso (1940-1960) and the late King Moshoeshoe II (1960-1965) in Matsieng.

The origins of Matsieng can be traced to the time when Morena Moshoeshoe I, the founder of Basotho nation, sent his senior sons, Mohato and Molapo to Morija to keep an eye on and provide security for the P.E.M.S. Missionaries. In 1858, Letsie I left Morija and founded Matsieng. Letsie is the official name of Mohato. In the process of the rites of passage, a group of age-mates get a common name. Thus the age-mates of Mohato, were called Matsie and the land they occupied where they and their prince were placed became the Matsieng area. Upon the death of Morena Moshoeshoe I, Matsieng became the royal capital for Paramount Chiefs during the colonial period and has been the home of royalty in the post-independence Lesotho and currently the home of Their Majesties King Letsie III and Queen Masenate Mohato Seeiso.


Our mission is to preserve systematically and in a usable manner, the pre and post-independence Royal Family records found in Matsieng and other places.


To be a useful resource centre that contributes to Lesotho’s sustainable development through the promotion of her rich royal history and culture. We will process, classify, catalogue, index and describe the available collection of the Royal Family archival materials with a view to making them accessible to all beneficiaries in Lesotho and in the Diaspora. Furthermore, we hope to develop means of formally augmenting the present collection with free deposits of copies being generated by relevant sources locally, regionally and internationally. In addition, we will identify, collect, process and make accessible all museum pieces and artefacts having a bearing on the history of the royal family. In the final analysis, doing all the above will create jobs and sustainable incomes for the people of Matsieng and thus add value to the ward-ship of the Royal Village.

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